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I was really happy with my DJ set on Saturday night. I ended up spinning for close to 4 hours due to some unforseen circumstances (originally I was only supposed to spin for 2 1/2 hours). I started spinning some techno tracks at around 9:45 just for the hell of it and before I knew it the dancefloor had started up to my suprise and I ended up keeping the flow for the rest of the night. To date this is the longest set I have ever played in one night - I played from 9:45 - 12:00 then from 12:45 - 2. Thanks to everyone that came out despite the frigid cold.


Next gig Saturday Feb 12th @ Opera House - this is going to be off the hook!

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My music streak continued last night as I begain working on and almost completing my 10th new track. I meant to take a little break and spending some time reviewing my 8 new tracks but in the process another 2 were created. It has been pretty wild lately and I am still having trouble comprehending how I could possibly have written 10 tracks in 1 month, but it is done and I am really happy with all of them. I still plan on taking some time to review them and finish the mastering process which should take another week or so and then I just need to sit on the tracks and catch up with myself to make sure these are truely the tracks I am ultimately happy with. I attribute a lot of my creativity to Ableton as it has really opened up many new possibilities for me - I think it and it happens with Ableton. For the longest time I felt like I couldn't create what was in my head because I didn't have the proper effects or sounds or technology but now that I am using Ableton I can do this; so I guess it is not suprising that I have been able to write some many new tracks in such a short period of time.


Keep checking my page for new tracks.



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Along with the new tracks I have created I have also been busy downloading new music and remixing old music. With all of this, I have a bunch of new material I am pretty excited to spin for my upcoming gigs on Saturday Jan 22nd @ Neutral and Feb 12th @ the Opera House. I am also happy to say that my creative burst has followed me into the new year.

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I have a bunch of gigs lined up so far this year. I will be DJing the Subspace Dexter themed party on Jan 22 @ Neutral and I will be spinning the Valentine's Day Fetish Ball at the Opera House on Feb 12th. As well as preparing for these gigs, I am also tweaking my newly created tracks and writing new ones. I seem to have awaken from my creative rut and Ableton has helped me do this. I plan on spinning some of the new tracks at my upcoming gigs, but if you can wait, you can always check them out on my soundcloud page @


Hope to see you all soon.


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I finally had a large chunk of time to sit in front of the computer and figure out the inner workings of Abelton Live and it lead to a unbelieveable burst of creativity. After watching a few on line tutorials, spending a few hours organizing samples and sampling some gear, I sat down and started to write. 10 days later I emerged from my music binge with 8 new tracks written that I am really happy with. I finally found the techno sound that I was looking for. I made a few hard techno tracks, a couple of minimal tracks and threw in some ehtnic sounds into a couple of others and wow it was amazing. I have posted some of my mixes up on Soundcloud - Check the new tracks out, feedback is always appreciated and happy new year.





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