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Even in life I have never been able to fully commit to one specific genre or scene. I have been pretty involved in some scenes but never as much as it takes to fully immerse one self. Take psy-trance for example, I am into the music but am still on the fringes of the scene which is both liberating and frustrating. I have been told by a few people in the psy-trance scene that my music is too “full-on” to play at their events (but really how big is the psy community in TO and how narrow of a genre and how picky are they?). I am currently spinning and producing that music that really gets me going, and well, if it too “full-on” then fine, I will find somewhere else to spin or play.

 I have always been this way for many things as there is so much in life that I want to explore that I find it hard to commit to one specific scene/area. Even though the Goth scene is hanging on with a thread, I still do enjoy the scene (but not so much the music) where as psy-trance I enjoy the music but not so much the scene; can these merge? I wish because this is kind of where my music tastes fall right now – dark and aggressive with heavy beats. I guess this is where Dark Rave fits in for me, I can spin what I really want there, just wait till April……..


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Last year I played the most gigs I ever have in a single year (10); this year on the other hand is looking somewhat dry. It always seems that if I am playing gigs I am not writing music and if I am writing music I am not playing gigs. December and January ended up being extremely productive months for me on the song writing front, completing 5 new tracks in that short period of time, however I am gig-less until April. I have been promoting myself to a DJ a couple of psy-trance parties, but nothing yet. I am excited about the Dark Rave gig as I will be playing the main stage but would still like to have something lined up after (or even before) that. I still enjoy music but I am beginning to wonder if it is more work than it is worth, I am wondering if it is time to burrow in my studio and just chill and not put so much pressure on myself to play and write. Although, I am sure this will probably change after the Dark Rave gig, we will see.
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I don’t know what I expected when I initially started writing music. At first I was just having fun composing songs and feeding off my creativity but as I continued down this path I realized there was no turning back. As I got more into it, I began pushing myself more and more. I recorded my first tape (and yes I said tape) back in 1994, it was pretty rough but it was a completed work nonetheless. When I met my friend Erik (a member of and industiral solo project called Scrape) I realized I could do something a little bit more serious, so I recorded my first full-length album title “Sanctuary of the Dead” under the name Genetic Disorder in 1996. At the time I was listening to a lot of industrial music and it was reflected in the sound. As I continued, I began playing gigs; my first was at the Townhouse in Sudbury to a fairly large crowd, this is when I really got hooked. The show was amazing and the energy I got when I was onstage was a high like I had never felt before and I wanted more.
When I moved to St. Catherine’s in 1997 I met Andy (a member of various bands including Digital Poodle, Bang Elektronika and others) who helped me a lot with music. We spent a lot of time hanging out, talking about gear and jamming. It was at this time I joined his bands Bang Elektronika and Collectiva. We played a lot of gigs in the Niagara region, at the same time I was working on my second album, under the name Genetic Disorder. After this album was complete (in 1997) I started listening to a lot of more techno and electronic stuff, slowly getting away from the harsh industrial sound. When I bought my Yamaha AN1x I changed my band name and started working on trance and techno styles. In 1998 Pulse Plant was conceived and under this moniker I began writing a new style of music.
In 1998 I moved to Toronto and continued writing under the name Pulse Plant, playing the occasional gig here and there but with limited success (in terms of getting a good crowd out) as I was trying to promote my gigs by myself. In 2000 I met up with Martin and began working with him under a new name, Digital Beat Transmission which focused on a more live spontaneous sound. We began playing gigs in Toronto and we had a great time. We stuck together for 2 years but in the end creative differences tore us apart. Unfortunately our friendship did not survive and I am disappointed to this day about this.
After a 2-year break from Pulse Plant I began to write new material and promote myself. It wasn’t until 2003 that I got my first real big gig, and this was opening for flesh field at the Reverb, thanks to DJ Phink - I think this is where things really started to take off. From here I began playing Dark Raves, Savage Garden, Tokyo Cybermonster and other bigger gigs.
Although to this day I am very pleased with the progress I have made I still want more. I guess this is how I am wired, never satisfied even though things are going well.  
I will continue to push myself and will probably continue to be frustrated but at the same time the passion and enjoyment I get out of creating music far surpasses all of the negative aspects. So fuck it, on I go….
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Over the past year or two I have been listening to alot of psytrance, mostly full-on but also some progressive trance as well. With this blog entry I want to give some background to what I was thinking when writing some of my new tracks and some bands that influenced me over the past few months.

The new tracks Nebula and Vortex were influenced mainly by Concept and Multistate.  I love the dark atmosphere at the beginning of most Concept songs, as well both Multistate and Concept has great driving bass lines that really kick.

Another track title Neutrino was influenced by Psychonaut. I really like the bouncy atmospheric tracks that have a good groove you can get lost in.
Compressor was influenced by a combination of minimal techno and progressive psy-trance compilations I have been listening to. For this track I just wanted to do something a little different and a little more groovy than usual.
For frontier I threw in some nice heavy guitar riffs just to try something different and explore this element of psy-trance.
There are still some elements of psy-trance that I want to explore and this includes sounds much like what Twisted System and Lost and Found are producing right now.
I am really excited about the sound that I am producing at the current time and am really liking the groove that I am currently in.
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I have been really enjoying DJing. I had my first DJ gig in 2005 at the Toronto Witches Ball which was a lot of fun. The reason I wanted to get into DJing was mainly because everyone seemed to be doing it and it seemed like a good way to get more exposure and play more gigs. I never had the intention that DJing would supplement live gigs or writing music I just wanted to try it out and see what it was like. To this date I would have to say that one of my best gigs was DJing the main stage at a 2007 Dark Rave (I have a separate blog entry about it). One great things DJing has done for me is that it exposed my to a lot of different artists that I may not have gotten into if I wasn’t purchasing so much music for DJing. I also think that the new music I bought for DJing also influenced the sound that I am producing right now. I have really been trying to listen to the bass lines, lead lines as well as the build ups and break down psy-trance artist are using and how the music (and genre) has evolved over the past couple of years.  
The other cool thing about DJing was that I was able to combine my DJ set with my live set which has proved to be quite successful. The idea for this came from seeing Dharma Lab perform in Toronto. They seemed to have a really high energy set that most live electronic artists seem to lack. I was always concerned that sitting behind a couple of decks, while performing live would somehow seem like cheating, but I have given that up and began concentrating more on what would work for a really good high energy set and get the crowd moving. Anyway, the combination of live gigs and DJ gigs has kept me busy with music which I am really enjoying.  I hope to continue doing both, although with Savage Garden closing I am wondering where I will be able to perform a live set, guess I will have to wait and see.


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