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I always get a bit nervous when I approach my latest gig and I don't have any others lined up. The April Dark Rave is coming up and I am pretty excited about this but I am also a bit nervous as I don't have anything lined up after this. I haven't been writing lately either as I am kind of hoping some ideas will pop into my head, but none have come in a month or so. I still have some ideas I want to explore and I am hoping that Dark Rave will get some of the creative juices flowing again.


Although there are a few things that are in the works. The other night I jammed with DJ Pale and it was pretty cool. He threw down some loops while I played some drum beats and bass lines, we both had a blast and it seems like there is some potential here. I have never had a jam like this before; blending DJing with my beats was pretty cool. I am also going to try and work with the Mexican psytrance guys as they have a pretty cool live act and I have some great ideas to blend in with them. I guess we will see how all of this plays out.


Dark Rave



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I haven't been this pumped about music in a while. Saturday night went pretty well but more importantly I heard some wicked tracks played by some great DJ's that night. I am very excited to have found full-on psytrance being promoted ini Toronto. I am going to try and work with the Glinzink promotors / DJ to help increase the profile of their parties, the energy is there and if harnessed properly I think there is some real potential. Full-on psytrance in Toronto, it has been a while and it is about time!

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I hooked up with a new psytrance collective in TO, Glinzink. It is a fresh new sound for Toronto and it falls more in the full-on genre of psytrance, which is the style I perfer. These guys came from Mexico where the scene is fairly large, and they are starting to throw parties across the city. I am glad to have hooked up with them as I dont really seem to fit into the Shakti Collective's vision of psytrance (which for a while was the only group throwing psy parties in TO) because my stuff is too full-on, but these new guys really seem to be into my style which is very cool. I look forward to listening to these guys play some wicked hard hitting tracks and cant wait to work with them more in the future. My first gig with them is this Saturday, it should be alot of fun.

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It always seem that just as I begin to get frusterated with music, stuff seems to pick up.  I was a bit bummed that I only had one gig coming up - the April Dark Rave - and nothing else in the forseeable future. I finished writing a few tracks in January so in Feb. I got back into promoting mode and sent out some mixes; but didn't get any hits. Just when I started getting down, I got a gig in April, hooked up with some new psytrance promoters and am jamming with DJ Pale, the former owner of Savage Garden. Why does it all happen at once?

Oh well, I guess I will just go with the flow and take what I can get and have fun while I am doing it!




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