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It didn't really occur to me that many of my freinds didn't have iTunes, so in case you are looking elsewhere to purchase my new album you can also find it on mp3


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I am excited to announce that my new album Shift is now available on iTunes. I have spent more time mastering and paying attention to the final mix than I ever have before and as a result I am extremely pleased with the final result. The name Shift made a lot of sense for the album as it represents a shift in music styles from what I have previously released. This album focuses on techno, mixing tribal, minimal and hard hitting techno together. Coincidentally it is also along the same vein (name wise) as my previous album Accelerator. Hope you have a chance to downloaded it, comments are always welcome.

 Pulse Plant Shift

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In order to get the best possible mix I am taking a little more time assessing and mastering the new album. Originally I had hoped to have it up for sale on iTunes by the end of Feb but as I really started getting into the mix and tweaking it, I realized I had a bit more work than I had anticipated, so my new release goal is the end of March. In the Meantime you can catch a DJ set @ Neutral Subspace party on Saturday March 26th where I will be spinning some techno and electro and on Saturday April 16th Dark Rave @ Nocturne where I will be spinning hard techno.






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