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I reached the 5000 hit milestone on If you haven't checked out the site, there are videos, mp3's and other material available. I thought about creating a facebook page but have been relucant for several reasons 1) many of the band pages on facebook don't get updated very often and just seem to sit there for no purpose 2) time required to update yet another site 3) already have my main webpage and myspace page available. Let me know if you think it is worthwhile for me to create a facebook page and if the response is good I will. Once again thanks to all of the people who have supported my by visiting my site, coming out to my gigs or just dropping by and leaving a comment.




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I finally edited the video from the Dark Rave, it can be found at the following URL:


My friend taking the video caught a really good moment in the evening. This video was taken at about 40 mins into my set. When the break occured the crowd responded with cheers to the set and it was great to hear it. Thanks again to everyone that came out and had a great time.


This video and others can be found on



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Thanks to all the people that came out to Dark Rave and danced their asses off! It is always great playing a set with a large 500 + people crowd with a lot of energy. My unofficial photographer took some pics and video footage of the event so I will be posting this shortly on my myspace site - thanks Dave.

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I was going through some songs for my Dark Rave set and I picked out some good stompers. I am on at 1 - 2 am which is a wicked time so I won't be holding back, full-on all the way. BE READY TO DANCE YOUR ASS off!




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