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I'm happy with the Dark Rave gig. Vola on Adelaide St was a great venue to spin at although it was hot as hell in the club, partly because the place was packed also the people were dancing their asses off and really into the music. I always enjoy the energy at the Dark Rave's and I had many complements on my DJ set which is always a bonus. I spun some really intense psytrance and was suprised that hard was never too hard, the crowd really seemed to love the heavy psy beats I was spinning. Now I am ready change gears and spin some techno / electro tunes at the Subspace on August 28th @ Neutral, I have a wicked set lined up. Hope to see you on the dance floor.

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After a little bit of a lull, I have a bunch of things coming up. On Saturday July 24th I will be spinning a psytrance DJ set Dark Rave. It is an all Ages Dark Rave @ Vola Nightclub (214 Adelaide St.) Even though I have been moving away from psytrance I think it will fit well for the high energy crowd I expect will be at the Dark Rave, I am also excited as I have never played at this venue before.  I also have a DJ set lined up for the August Subspace at Neutral where I will spin techno and electro for the kinky crowd which is always fun. Finally I am working on a Robot Samurai gig @ Nocturne in October where I will team up with DJ Pale to play at the second Anniversary party of Death Disco. I am looking forward to the diverse gigs I have coming up, hope to see you all there.





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I have been on a bit of a roll lately recording some DJ mixes. It all started one night while I was at home drinking some Mill St. Organic Beer and feeling pretty good. I qued up a mix and started recording it. I was spinning some new tunes I had acquiring lately and it worked out really well. The next night I started drinking some Grolsh and did the same thing, this set went equally as well as the previous. There were a couple of minor edits I had to make to get the final mix right. I decided to call each of the mixes by the beer I was drinking, thus the Mill St. and Grolsh DJ mixes were born. The next week I was drinking some Mojitos in the backyard on a sunny day and I started up the que again, again another great mix was conceived - The Mojito mix. I think I will post these mixes up on soundcloud and take a vote on which mix is better.






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