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As I mentioned before I have been remixing some old school industrial tracks and it has been progressing better than I thought, it has also been a lot of fun too. I now plan to remix 4 or 5 classic industrial tracks from the early 90's into a new techno version and DJ them together into a remix CD. I hope to have this ready for the Subspace party and maybe give some away at the event.

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I just wanted to recap where I can be found on the web: - videos and full lenght version of Pulse Plant songs - Pulse Plant DJ sets - home page


It is sometimes a challenge keeping all of these pages up to date but I do try so keep checking back every once in a while.


In other news, I was hoping to spin the Fetish Halloween party @ the Opera House but it looks like other DJ's have been booked so I am a bit bummed out. So far the year has been pretty good to me for gigs but I feel the last half of the year may be slowing down. However I am sure something will come up - I hope.


I hope to see you all @ Neutral on Aug 28th.

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I have been having some fun lately digging into the vault of my collection and remixing some old industrial tunes. I still like the classic industrial sounds of Nitzer Ebb, Front 242 and Front Line Assembly, however as one can expect they don't hold up today as sound quality, mix and other factors have advanced so much, so I have been tweaking some of these tracks to give them more of a current feel with a techno edge. I just finished a wicked techno / electro remix of Join in the Chant that I must say really kick ass. I plan on spinning this mix at the next Subspace on August 28th @ Neutral. If you are reading this and attend the party, let me know what you think of the mix as I am really hyped about it.





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