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I am pleased with the Subspace gig on Saturday night. I had the 11-12 and 2-3 set times which worked out well. I started the evening off with some minimal techy / electro tunes and then moved into some  harder stuff combined with some remixes - I spun the Terrible Lie by NIN remix I did which went over very well. With my second set I knew I had to start off strong and keep the dancefloor going which I did with some BSOD tracks and Chemical Brothers that really got the place moving. Later on I mixed in my Join in the Chant (Nitzer Ebb) and So What (Mininstry)remixes along the way which was also received well.

I have really been into some great techno stuff and the label that really getsg me going lately is the 1605 Recordings by Umek, he also has a free podcast which is amazing if you want to sample it. I can't say enough about this label and the artist, he is putting out some really good dark and hard techno tracks. I am also really enjoying the electro sounds of BSOD (Better Sounding on Drugs - love the name) with their solid booming basslines it is always a crowd pleaser.

Thanks to everyone that come out on Saturday and hope to see you all on the dancefloor soon!





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