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As I think about the music scene in Toronto, I come to realization that live shows are not what I want to focus on; instead I am finding much more satisfaction as a DJ. I really enjoy the energy I get from the crowd when spinning a good DJ set. I have been gravitating to  techno, and electro (to a lesser extent) and enjoy combining and mixing the two in a set. As the live venues have dried up and the crowd continues to lack enthusiasm for live performances I find it hard to motivate myself to continue down the road of the live performance. I would will continue to write music, however I think this will be as Robot Samurai, as I find I need that extra motivational push that a co-writer gives me. It looks like things may slow down for me for the remainder of the year but I am planning some gigs for the new years as I write this and I do have a coupule of big ones lined up, stay tuned!




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