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Well 2011 turned out to be my most productive year ever with the release of 2 full length albums, 10 DJ gigs (2 of them at the Opera House), as well as a youtube and facebook page going up. I now find myself reflecting on what to do next as I feel I have pushed the DJing almost as far as I can and my interest for performing live has wained. I have a January Subspace gig at the Great Hall and am looking forward to that, however this break since Halloween has been very nice.As always I continue to want bigger and more and am not even sure what that is at this point, so I guess it will be coninue on as usual and hope to get some more album sales and fan support. PS Fan support and comments are always welcome and encouraged as it does tend to help feed my need for validation in this vast sea of DJ's and musicians. Cheers and have a great New Years everyone!

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